News from RouteWare

2-Apr-2024 OS Highways Converter Geopackage 1.00

New converter, now for the geopackage version of OS MasterMap

1-Sep-2023 RW Net 4.44

.NET 7 added
Geobarriers added (see blog)

25-Jun-2023 RouteFinder 6.06

Primarily a bug fix release

5-Mar-2023 RW Net 4.43

Various minor bug fixes

3-Mar-2023 MITAB 1.7.1

With several fixes

20-Feb-2023 RouteFinder 6.05

New cluster method & bug fixes

7-Feb-2023 OS Highways Converter 2.00

Major update with more detailed vehicle restrictions

31-Jan-2023 RW Studio 2.06

Compiled against latest versions of libraries etc.

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