FleetEngine 1.15

While our other products focus on routing for a single vehicle at a time,
FleetEngine is for fleet optimization:

• Fleet management
• Field force planning
• Delivery / pickup jobs
• School bus routing
• Waste collection
• and much more


• Multiple depots
• Multiple resources (vehicles)
• Multi-day planning
• Asymmetric distance and time matrix
• Job - resource match
• Service time
• Job priorities
• Breaks and Standby jobs
• Workload balancing
• Capacity: Weight, volume etc.
• Multiple time windows for a job (such as 8-9 or 10-12)
• Avoiding U-turns en route (curb approach)
• Round trip / open-ended trips
• Mixed pickup and delivery
• Preferred resources
• Built-in matrix calculation
• Driving directions


Tasks are described using XML (schema included) and access layer is either:

• SOAP for server version with support for multiple tasks or
• Desktop application for easy single task optimization
• Self-contained COM for single task optimization

See the different versions in the documentation for details.

Try it right now and then return to request a time-limited edition of FleetEngine.