ToolBox 1.10

"Oh my, this is fast. We've tried it on large datasets and it is easily 100 times faster than what we had been using. Excellent work."
Darrin Clement, Maponics.

ToolBox is a free collection of MapBasic programs for performing these tasks:

 • Add Nodes
 • Convex hull / Rubberband
 • Extended Table Info
 • Locate the nearest object in one table for all objects in another table - Very fast
 • Locate the N nearest objects in one table for all objects in another table - Very fast
 • Location of facilities
 • Map Coloring
 • Minimum spanning tree
 • Remove holes from regions
 • Simplification of polylines/regions. This removes insignificant nodes from objects
 • Split of (poly)lines at predefined distances, e.g. for every 100 meters.
 • Split multi-section polylines/regions into single sections
 • Triangulation (TIN)
 • Voronoi polygons

Requires MapInfo 10 or better (32/64 bit compatible). Source code included.
Get it from the download page


Add Nodes:

Convex hull / Rubberband:
Left: Normal centroid-based rubberband, Right: Based on complete objects

Extended table information:

Location of facilities:

Map Coloring:

Minimum spanning tree:

Nearest Object (showing ID of nearest center):

Nearest Object (showing distance to nearest center):

Remove holes from regions:

Simplification of polylines/regions:
(The red line is the original dataset and the black is the new)

Split of line objects at predefined distances:
(Here for every 100 meters)


Voronoi polygons:

This is the final result of a voronoi analysis, which also involved several other tools from ToolBox: