License Terms

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A license gives access to available versions as listed in the schema below. Within the first year licensor has access to updates and new versions.







DLL for MapInfo / MapBasic



Delphi XE4 - XE8, 10.0 - 10.4, 32 bit



Delphi XE4 - XE8, 10.0 - 10.4, 64 bit






A license gives access to support as listed below for the first year:



Pro / Standard site

E-mail support

ASAP after 24 hours


Telephone / Skype support



E-mail support includes answering questions, which do not involve writing source code of >10 lines. Only persons with a license can receive support.


After first year, support and maintenance can be extended for one more year at a time.


Deployment / distribution


This table lists how deployment of applications is allowed for different versions of RW Net:




Deployment of desktop applications

Only within own organization


Deployment of server application

See website for price

See website for price

Deployment of TImport functionality

See website for price

See website for price


It is a server application if:

The application has an API, which makes the routing functionality accessible from other applications or

The routing functionality is available from other computers through a network (web service, REST, cgi etc.)


General terms


Licensor is allowed to use RW Net for as long as he/she doesn't violate this license.


Licensor is not allowed to:


Distribute applications outside it's own organization, which competes directly with RouteWare's own applications: RouteFinder, RW NetServer and FleetEngine.

Wrap up RW Net in component-like structures and distribute it.


If licensor holds a personal license, he/she can either:

1) Have only 1 named person using RW Net on as many computers as he/she like or

2) Install it on 1 physical computer (doesn't include terminal services, citrix and similar setups) and let several persons use it from there (support is still only given to 1 person)


If licensor holds a site license, it allows an unlimited number of persons at licensors site to use RW Net at the same time. Ask RouteWare for enterprise-wide licenses.


Licensors of RW Net are issued a personal password to activate the software. This password must not be readable to end-users of deployed applications. It is the responsibility of licensor to ensure that this is taken care of.


The usual legal stuff


All copyrights belong to RouteWare (Uffe Kousgaard).

Disassemble or reverse engineering of RW Net binaries are not allowed.

Licensor is not allowed to install RW Net on a network drive or shared drive except for backup purposes.

Licensor is not allowed to sell or in any other way hand over the right to use the software to any other party.

RouteWare is not responsible for any problems, direct or indirect, which RW Net may cause - no matter what the reason may be.

Any problem / error will be corrected as fast as possible within normal business hours. If RouteWare is not able to correct problems, which to a severe degree affect the functionality of the software, a refund is made, which matches the degree to which the software doesn't function properly. This refund is based on what the licensor has paid within the last 12 months and cannot exceed this amount.


Updated Jan 2014