MapInfo RouteFinder (Precisely edition)

This is not updated anymore, since we only supply "normal" RouteFinder now.

This is/was the same software as "normal" RouteFinder, but uses separate serial numbers.
It is/was sold by Precisely and some of their resellers.

Starting from 15-6-2023, we are only supplying serial numbers for normal RouteFinder and build 18 below is the final edition.

In order to use serial numbers supplied to you after 15-6-2023, you will have to uninstall "MapInfo RouteFinder" and install "RouteFinder for MapInfo" instead.
While they can co-exist, we do not recommend it, as it may get confusing.....

If you are on a maintenance contract, we can provide you with a new serial number.

Download (64-bit)