Christmas 2006 Competition

This Christmas we have again a small competition as a bonus for the readers of the website:

Santa Claus needs to collect gifts for well-behaved
kids around the world. He has skipped the old Rudolph
and has now entered the jet-age. He travels around from
airport to airport and each place he picks up as many
gifts as is written on the runway !!

Your task is now to find a round-trip route, that maximizes
the number of collected gifts, but keeps the number of
airports at 9. You can only visit each airport once and
only flight connections shown on the map are allowed.

Open Map (requires Google Earth).

Santa needs your answer no later than 21st of December.

In return for the best solution, Santa Claus will provide you with
1 copy of RouteFinder Pro for ArcGIS or MapInfo. If there are several
equally good solutions, he will draw lots.

See result and winner here