Christmas 2004 Competition

This Christmas we have a small competition as a bonus for the readers of the website:

See result and winner here

Help Santa Claus deliver Christmas presents as fast
as possible.

He has a lot of places to visit around the world and is a
bit uncertain as to which sequence is best. But he wants
to start from his Summer residence and end at his Winter

Thanks to his reindeer he is, of course, not restricted to
streets, but can fly directly from town to town:

1. Bethlehem
2. Chicago
3. Geneva
4. London
5. Miami
6. New York
7. The North Pole (Winter residence)
8. RouteWare HQ
9. San Fransisco
10. Seattle
11. Stockholm
12. Tokyo
13. Toronto
14. Uummannaq (Summer residence)

Santa needs your answer no later than 23rd December, so he has a little
time to prepare for the journey.

In return for the optimum solution (or nearest), Santa Claus will provide you
with 1 copy of RouteFinder Pro for ArcGIS or MapInfo. If there are several
equally good solutions, he will draw lots.

Order of vists

Please remember: only one submission per person and no anonymous e-mail addresses.