Quick overview

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A normal setup includes these steps:


1.Import geographic coordinate data into RW Net's own format with class TImport
2.Import attribute information such as street names, one-way information etc. with class TImportAttributes
3.Open the generated files with class TNetwork
4.Perform spatial searches with class TSpatialSearch or
5.Perform isochrone calculations (one-to-many, matrices etc.) with class TCalc or
6.Perform one-to-one route calculation with class TRouteCalc


Routes can be exported to a lot of standard formats using one of the TGISwrite classes.

Several of the functions write directly to one of the GIS formats.


Drivetime isochrones


A typical use of the software is the calculation of drivetime isochrones, showing how far you can get in 5, 10, 15 minutes etc.

We have explained the various options in more detail here.




Matrices can be used in one of the TSP classes (TTSP and TTSPcurb) to perform an optimization of the sequence.


TOptimizer is used for creating territories according to various criteria: Load, size etc.