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Besides the routing options available as part of the attribute bit pattern, it is also possible to define 2 other kind of route restrictions for links in the network:


1.        A scalar quantity such as a maximum weight, height, width etc. If the limit for a certain link in the network is 100 and you calculate a route for a vehicle with a value >100, that link will be avoided in the route. It is mandatory to scale your limits into the 1-255 interval.


2.        A bit pattern for defining special links such as ferries, toll roads etc. which you may want to avoid in your routing. If the limit for a link is 3 = 00000011 it may mean it is both a ferry and a toll "road" (most ferries are not free, so that seems logical). If your value has either bit 1 or 2 set, that link will be avoided in the route. It is possible to define 8 such bits within each limit.


For both types, a link value of 0 means no limitations at all.


A maximum of 9 such limitations can be created.


See TImportAttributes, TNetwork and TCalc.SetLimit.