External ID

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Each link can have an associated external ID as opposed to the internal ID (1, 2, 3...). The external ID can be either string based, integer (0..2147483647) or int64 (0.."really big") based.


The advantage is an external ID can be constant over time and globally unique - even when working with a subset of a larger database.


RW Net includes functions for translating between internal and external ID, but otherwise all functions uses internal ID for input / output.



If you are using external ID's there are additional limits on the number of links in your network:


32-bit integer

500 million links

64-bit integer

250 million links


If string is 38 char GUID, up to appr. 30 million links

string, extended

1000 million links


The last option is only possible with library versions from after 3-10-2019 (RW Net 4.36 or more recent).

Files generated in such mode is >2 GB and are not compatible with older releases.