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This class can be used for creating driving directions (turn left/right etc), but also simpler setups aimed at just mapping. Output goes to a TGISwrite instance.


The 4 main methods:

Route, RouteList, RouteDyn and RouteListDyn.


Route calculation properties


SortedIndex allows you to visit the location in a different order than natural. Typically as a result from TTSP / TTSPcurb calculations.


RoundTrip should be set, so it matches TTSP.mode if used in combination with TTSP / TTSPcurb.


OffRoadSpeed can be used with RouteDyn and RouteListDyn, when coordinates are present in the LocationList.


SideInArray and SideOutArray can be used to define approach, when used in combination with TTSPcurb.

They can also be populated by calling CalcSideInOutArray, if sequence is known.


If underlying TRouteCalc.DuplicateLinks is set, SideInArray and SideOutArray is ignored.


Output properties


The key property controlling the kind of output is ConcatenationMode.


These 7 properties control if each field should exist in the output or not:

Cost, Dist, Time, Speed and DirectDist.

TotalCost, TotalDist and TotalTime


DirectDist, Dist and TotalDist are always possible, while Cost, Speed and Time require that the parent TRouteCalc is set up correctly (see SetTime and SetCost).


DirectDist, Speed, cost and total cost are disabled by default. The rest are enabled.


These 3 properties control a possible time stamp field in the output:

StartTime, StopTime and TimeStampFormat.


RoadFileID is used for defining which road names should be used.


ViaList is for including a textual description of the locations / nodes.


Driving directions properties


These properties are only relevant for mode cmDrivingDirections: