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This methods performs a search around nodes with degree <3. If any location on a link is found in the search, and the link is not connected to the original node and not a node at the same time (i.e. start or end of the link), the location is added to LL (LL is not cleared first). The same coordinate is also added to LL, with the original node as reference together with special codes, that can be handled by ExportLinks, so links can be split and updated correctly for exact snap in future TImport runs.


You can also choose to call ExportLocationList to visually check and edit, where issues has been found.


The method returns the number of positive searches. LL holds ~2-3 times as many items.


Syntax: SplitAndSnap(Radius: double; LL: TLocationList): integer


In standard version you are limited to networks with <10000 links.