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This function tests the roadname as part of the driving directions. The theory is, if a road name occur more than once on a route, it may be an error and the links between the 2 occurences might have the wrong name in the database. An example:


Link 1, 2, 3: Main Street

Link 4, 5: Old Road

Link 6, 7: Main Street


Here link 4 and 5 should probably have had the name Main Street as well. The function will report such instances and then leave it to the user to decide, if any edits should be performed.


RoadFileID defines the database with road names to use with the function and NumOfRoutes defines how many random routes to calculate as part of the test.


The fields in the generated GIS file are linkID, count of links that should be changed in the same way (2 in the example above), present roadname and suggested roadname. Generally, a low number of links to be changed, indicates a higher likelihood, that it is a required change. Using a filter of count<20 is a good idea, before viewing the output. Roundabouts are always skipped in the output.


Syntax: RoadNameTest(filename: string; GF: TGISformat; RoadFileID, NumOfRoutes: integer);