System requirements

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Operating System

FleetEngine runs on most recent flavors of Windows. It requires .NET 4 and MS XML 6 to be installed.



Most operations are CPU-bound, so a fast CPU is a good idea, but there are no specific requirements.

If you want to properly handle multiple tasks at a time, one core for each task is recommended.



Networks require appr. 50 bytes per link. An example: A network with 1 million link occupies 50 MB.


The optimization part generally requires little memory, but if you have many jobs the distance and time matrices can get very big.


Requirement: (64 x "Resource types" x (Depots + 2 x Jobs) ^ 2) bytes


Example: 2 resource types, 24 depots and 1000 jobs: 500 MB


We have included a spreadsheet, which makes it easy to calculate the required memory.


Additional software

An XML parser for the output is required.


An application like XMLspy is a good idea for setting up data, validating against the schemas etc.


A GIS application is required to easily view the output from the supplied Viewer (a .NET 4 application).