RouteFinder 3.00 for ArcGIS - What is new ?

Here is a quick summary of the exciting new features in this latest version of RouteFinder:

Dynamic Segmentation

Now dynamic segmentation options can be used in most of the functions.

Nearest N Centres

This function finds the nearest N number of points from a selected start point or points. A very quick function that uses distance or time.

Better travelling salesman algorithm

This will now take oneway restrictions into consideration during the optimization and return up to 5% better results.

Route Pairs

This uses two tables and then generates a route from row 1 of the first table to row 1 of the second table, and so on.

Extended Data Check

This checks for object errors at network creation time and then presents a report on possible errors with the network that may need further investigation.

Drive Time Accuracy

Drive Time polygons can now use dynamic node adding to produce even more accurate isochrones.

Updating a Point File with Time and Distance

It is now very easy to attach a time and distance to a point data set. This might be used to see how far away pupils live from a school.

Unlimited Centres

You are no longer limited to a number of points for most batch functions in the Professional version. In the Standard version the limit has been raised for most functions.

Professional Version only:

Node-Link Check

You can now check that the links break at the nodes to make a topological network.

Overpass Detection

This function checks for links that intersect each other without a node being present. This may indicate errors in topology.