RouteFinder 5.16 for MapInfo - Overview

RouteFinder 5 is an application for MapInfo users who need to solve routing-related problems, but without doing any programming.

RouteFinder 5 is based on RW Net 4 and makes most of the functionality available to the user with easy access to the fast routing engine.


  • Size of datasets: Up to 100,000,000 records
  • Support of all MapInfo coordinate systems (also latitude/longitude)
  • Creates topological networks directly from TAB files
  • Z-level in files
  • Choice of Km or Miles as unit of distance
  • Shortest / fastest path with point-&-click
  • One-way streets
  • Turn restrictions
  • Via point routing
  • 32 road classes
  • Multiple vehicle types
  • Multiple speed files
  • Dynamic segmentation mode
  • Routing via selection from gazetteer, i.e. towns
  • Travelling salesman with point-&-click
  • Isochrones (voronoi or link-based)
  • Service area calculation
  • Distance-tables
  • Nearest N centres
  • Update Point Table
  • Traffic volumes (flow)
  • Route Pairs
  • Route descriptions
  • Dynamic cut-offs and slowing down of links
  • Use of limits (such as max weight etc)
  • Tools for identification of network issues:
  • - Subnets, Cul-de-sacs, Close nodes, Overpasses check, Node-link check

    To learn more about RouteFinder:
    - view the Flash video.
    - download the free edition with limited functionality.
    - request a time-limited version of RouteFinder.

    System Requirements

  • RouteFinder requires MapInfo 10.0 - 15.0 (32-bit) / 15.2.2 or newer (64-bit). Windows 7-8-10.
  • Uses 17 MB harddisk space (includes sample data)
  • Memory requirements depend on the size of your road data: 100,000 links equals approx. 5 MB RAM

    Main changes from version 4

  • Both 32 and 64 bit
  • Based upon RW Net 4 routing engine
  • Faster than RouteFinder 4
  • Pro level only, no Standard version
  • Support for extended TAB (+2GB TAB format in 64-bit MapInfo)
  • Unicode

    Much more functionality from the routing engine shall be added in later versions.

    Upgrading for RouteFinder 4 users

    Pro users on maintenance receive the new version for free.
    Pro licenses bought after 1-1-2016 will be upgraded for free.
    Standard users on maintenance receive the new version for free, but future maintenance is at Pro level.

    See prices for upgrade options.