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2-Oct-2017 RouteFinder 5.08 for MapInfo

Bug fix release

8-Sep-2017 OS Highways Converter 1.05

Slope calculation, optional reversing of one-ways

24-Aug-2017 RW Studio 2.01

Bug fix release - related to license file handling

12-Jul-2017 RW Net 4.28

Bug fix release

1-Jul-2017 RouteFinder 5.07 for MapInfo

Bug fix release

26-May-2017 RW Studio 2

Final release

11-May-2017 ITN Converter 1.23

Updated due to changed gz file layout

2-May-2017 OS Highways Converter 1.02

Bug fixes

2-May-2017 GridFactory 1.03

Updated to 64-bit

2-Apr-2017 OS Highways Converter 1.00

First release

16-Mar-2017 Website error

Website has not been working correctly for the past 24 hours. If you find any further errors, please let us know.

7-Mar-2017 RouteFinder 5.06 for MapInfo

Bug fix release

11-Feb-2017 Free OS Open Road dataset

Compiled and prepared for our products

9-Feb-2017 RW Studio 2

Beta 2

6-Feb-2017 RouteFinder 5.05 for MapInfo

Bug fix release

28-Jan-2017 RW Net 4.27

Support for Oracle, many other improvements

26-Jan-2017 TomTom Converter 1.44

Various fixes

4-Jan-2017 RW Studio 2 - beta test

We are looking for beta testers.

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